Conscious Aging: A New Grandmother

L. and I have been friends since the second grade, and she’s the kind of friend with whom I can pick up conversation no matter if it’s been weeks or months or years….

We live on opposite coasts, but L’s son and daughter-in-law live here, and they are the parents of a new baby. L. and her husband are here being grandma and grandpa for the first time. I’m going to see L. for lunch on Friday, and meet the baby before we go out.

We’re sharing emails, and we agree on two things that are true whether or not we might be talking about our own grown kids, or beloved nieces and nephews, or younger people unrelated to us that we’ve cared about, mentored, intervened for, or otherwise accepted into our lives.

The first is that new life is precious. For all of the infants born in any year, all around the world, every one is a miracle.

The second is that we feel great joy in seeing our sons, our daughters, our beloved young people grow into being parents. We may know our young people well in all kinds of ways — but not yet in this one. Seeing parenting unfold is precious as well.

Welcome to this little girl, and my best wishes for the joyful family who surround her.

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