Getting to Know Seattle: Water View

I think we all know on some level that being near or in or on water is soothing. On my walk along Puget Sound yesterday, I was moved to think why.

Doesn’t the scene below look peaceful? This view was part of my walk.

Here’s what I think soothes me when I’m near water: the gentle lapping of the tide on beach and rocks. Bird sounds. The overall absence of traffic noise, sirens, construction machinery. Generally I like those things: they are part of the energy of an urban environment. But I don’t like noise all the time.  There wasn’t a single sound as I was contemplating this view, and it was restful.  I also find the muted colors soothing, plus the exercise involved in a simple brisk walk, and the chance to nod a welcome at the occasional person who passes me on the path.

How about you? Have you access to water, either where you live or because you choose water availability for your vacation? What do you find soothing — or energizing, if your experience is more in that direction. I imagine if you are a sailboat racer, your experience is all about the thrill of skimming quickly across the water’s surface.

Interested to hear a comment about you and water.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Water View

  1. Read this on our last day in Cayman. One of my favorite activities there is to walk beautiful Seven Mile beach twice a day – once in the morning around eight before it gets too hot – and then again in the evening. After the evening walk, I often just sit in one of the chairs at our place, look at the stars and listen to the water lapping on the shore. The evening experience I would categorize as relaxing. The morning I find both relaxing and energizing. Isn’t there a theory out there that the reason we relate in those ways to the water is that we evolved from the water – and were in water in utero. I don’t know. I do know that when I get home, I miss those walks terribly.

  2. for Ada: I can envision your beach experience — you describe it well. And I can see why you miss it when you go home!

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