Chaos in the White House

Trump voters, proud Trump supporters, is this what you wanted? Really? A limited, erratic man who agrees with the last person he talked with, no matter what he might have said hours or days before? Think of Trump’s oval office meeting with the NRA, not long after Trump sounded like someone who wanted to limit access to guns for people under 21 and the mentally ill. That’s a red line for the NRA, and Trump now seems to be backing off what he said in front of members of Congress and via the media, in front of the world.

Did you, Trump voter, expect all the important diplomatic responsibilities to fall to inexperienced and inexpert Trump offspring? Think the resignation of U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson. If it falls to Jared Kushner to call Mexican President Pena Nieto after a disastrous phone conversation with Trump, why have a U.S. Ambassador at all? Just think, the fate of U.S.-Mexican relations on a host of issues — intelligence, the drug trade, NAFTA — now rest in the hands of Kushner. So does Middle East peace. So does our relationship with China. Do you feel safer now, or better off, than you did under President Obama and his deeply experienced and competent team?

Trump voter, you were apparently dazzled by Trump’s business acumen — even though his business is actually a marketing and branding operation run by around 50 people overall, nothing like the scope and complexity of the federal government. But did you expect Trump to continue to run, and profit from his businesses while in office, and to encourage his offspring to do the same? Is it okay with you that Trump business interests and the chance to enrich himself and his family are on the table right along with the interests and concerns of the American people?

Trump voter, you apparently liked what you saw as a tough guy. What if the tough guy orders a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, and hundreds of thousands die. Will you give Trump a parade, accolades, agree with him that massive loss of life is acceptable as long as it’s mostly Asians and not us? Is that what you really voted for?

Trump got a bit of an uptick in his poll numbers after the State of the Union speech, and I think some hoped his White House was finally gaining traction and pulling itself together. Can anyone look at the events of this week and still hold on to that hope?

Trump voters, can you?

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