Hope Hicks Resigns

Trump is surrounded by fewer and fewer true believers within the White House — he’s really down to his kids, and Sarah Sanders, and KellyAnne Conway, his work wives. His longtime body man Keith Schiller left. Bannon was thrown out. Ditto for Lewandowski. The four Communications Directors prior to Hope Hicks are gone.

Are the wheels coming off in the White House? Who knows. But reality is sinking in, even for the loyalists like Hope Hicks. If you work for Trump, you have to lie. She admitted as much to the Congressional committee before whom she testified. If you work for Trump, you get tainted by the same corruption that swirls around him and his family. Hope Hicks is young, 29. Her romantic relationship with spouse abuser Rob Porter has ended. She has a career ahead of her, and a life. There’s no future for her with this Trump crowd.

Smart move, leaving.

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