Conscious Aging: Supporting Political Candidates

Politics has become so vicious, and the need for politicians to raise oceans of money so overwhelming, that I can hardly imagine why anyone good would choose politics as a career step. On Tuesday night, I went to a fund raiser for Dr. Kim Schrier, a pediatrician who is running for Congress from Washington state’s 8th district. The district is currently represented by a Republican — this is one of the seats Democrats are trying to flip. This is one of the top ten races nationally where previously hard right districts are turning purple, one of the key races for Democrats attempting to turn back the tide of racism and xenophobia crystallized by Trump.

I’m all in with that effort, including financially.

I also support our Democratic senator Patty Murray, and every time I go to a small luncheon where I can talk with her directly, I tell her how much I appreciate her standing her ground and fighting for us, and beg her not to quit despite the daily frustration of a Republican-controlled Congress.

I hope Kim Schrier wins, and my message to her will be the same. I was very impressed with the candidate — she’s extremely smart, well spoken, data driven, knows what she needs to do to win.

I’m going to write her another check.

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