Conscious Aging: Weight

I’ve never been vastly overweight, but I have the kind of body that easily packs on pounds if I don’t watch. And, with my Irish heritage, I’ve never met a carb I didn’t like. Over the last two years, with the help of Whole30, I’ve gotten my weight down to a level I hadn’t seen in decades and kept it there. I feel better, have more energy, and carrying less weight on my hip, knee and ankle joints is all to the good. Plus a lower body weight is good for my dodgy blood pressure.

Enter travel, where I eat more and differently than I do at home, drink more wine, and my exercise is more sporadic. Over the last six weeks or so I’ve gained 4 pounds, and am committed to spending the next month taking the extra weight off.

I have friends whose bodies seem to hold a stable weight without much effort, and I admit to no small degree of envy. But that isn’t me. I also think keeping a stable weight is harder as you age — metabolism does funny things. And I’ve read all the articles about dieting over the years, about how the body fights to regain the weight so painstakingly lost. It’s a challenge.

Feeling better and more energetic is enough motivation for me to get on top of this, and I will. There are lots of challenges of aging that are nearly impossible to surmount, but this shouldn’t be one of them.

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