Whither the Experts on Korea?

Perhaps it’s because I’m just back from the Camden Conference, where I listened to an impressive cohort of speakers with real and substantive expertise on foreign policy, that I am so deeply offended by Ivanka Trump in Korea. Trump is trying to run the country the way he runs his real estate business: long on nepotism, relying on a small cadre of loyal advisors who put up with him in exchange for being close to the center of power, dismissing anything that smacks of depth or intellectual rigor or honesty or even common decency, pushing the envelope and breaking the rules just because he can and because he enjoys watching people get flustered.

We don’t have an ambassador to South Korea. We have Pence, who thinks his manly glare in the direction of North Korea means anything. And we have Ivanka, whose sole qualification seems to be that she likes winter sports.

God help us.

2 thoughts on “Whither the Experts on Korea?

  1. And Donald Jr. didn’t do a “policy speech” in India when he was there on Trump business. Word from the public and the media spread quickly that it would be inappropriate…….duh. What a family!

  2. for Phyllis: They are a family of grifters and con artists. That they are in the White House is, to me, a nightmare.

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