Pillow Mystery Solved!

Apparently the pillows that just arrived are a Christmas gift from my younger sister Wendy and her husband George. Our older sister Linda let me know — she and husband Ron got gifts of pillows too. Glad to have the mystery solved.

By way of winding up the review — I did sleep with the new pillows last night. As I said in a previous post, I am among those with strong pillow preferences. My usual pillow is firm and flat. Initially, I found the MyPillow way too poofy and fluffy, as it emerged that way from the dryer. If I recall the ads on TV, MyPillow is supposed to keep your spine straight, which is better for sleep quality. But it felt as if my head was elevated , not flat. I even pushed aside the MyPillow for a bit, reclaiming my regular one. Then, I decided I had to give MyPillow a fair shot and pulled it back under my head. I fell asleep. By the time morning arrived, MyPillow had flattened out until it was pretty much like my regular one. I supposed if I put it in the dryer again it would poof up aew, but it hardly seems sensible if it flattens out again after each use.

I probably don’t buy new pillows often enough — I think the ones I’ve been using date from my move to Seattle in 2010. I use two pillows at night, and have two others on the bed. I culled the two worst looking, bagged them for garbage, and installed the MyPillows on a permanent basis.  They’re new, and fresh, and clean — all good. I don’t think they are remarkably better than what I have, which belies the TV ads. But they are an interesting Christmas present, and I’m a bit touched that my kid sister was thinking about the quality of my sleep.

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