More on the Pillow Puzzle

I still have no idea who sent me the MyPillow! pillows, but I did unwrap them and take the first step recommended by the manufacturer, which is to run them through a hot dryer for 15 minutes. That’s probably something we should do with any pillows from time to time, to kill mites and such that take up residence.

The pillows emerged quite fluffy. I’ll try sleeping on them tonight, and as requested by my readers, I’ll let you know. I’ll have to look online to see how expensive these are — mine are medium size. I do know that buying quality pillows matters. Cheap pillows are usually very unsatisfying.

I also know that we are often quite stuck in our pillow preferences. Jerry had an old — old enough to have that blue striped ticking on the outside — feather pillow that had totally lost whatever loft it may have once had, but he adored the pillow and wouldn’t hear of it being replaced. He used to bring the pillow with him on trips, including a Vermont Bike Tour where it was accidentally left behind in one of the B&B’s where the group stayed. We called back from the next place but the pillow had already been discarded. Jerry was bereft.

These pillows look a good bit fuller and bouncier than I’m used to, but I’ll keep an open mind. 🙂

2 thoughts on “More on the Pillow Puzzle

  1. Boy can I relate. Bob and I both have down pillows, as neither of us like “high” pillows or the hardness of synthetic ones. I have replaced mine, after many years, but Bob won’t. Our children say it is illogical to even call what he uses a “pillow.”
    We always travel with our pillows. Many years ago on a driving trip to Florida, we left them in the motel. When we got to our next stop and realized what we had done, called the motel. They still had them (thank god). We asked them to send them on to where we would be staying in Florida and to charge it to our AmEx. They did and we were happy campers. I can relate to Jerry being bereft!

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