A week’s worth of mail was awaiting me when I returned to my apartment, including a pretty good sized mailer with two rolled up brand new pillows inside from that pillow guy who advertises on TV. MyPillow, it’s called.

I’m quite sure I didn’t order them, but they were addressed to me and here they are.  There was no card inside telling me who the pillows might be from. I’m completely mystified.

8 thoughts on “Pillows?

  1. I hope you find out how you got them. I have heard mixed reviews on the pillows. Some don’t care for the waffle feel.

  2. for Phyllis: Will do. Ran them through the dryer for 15 minutes as recommended, and they are quite puffy — more so than what I usually use. Will sleep on one tonight and let you know.

  3. for Joyce: I can’t fathom who sent me pillows. I imagine the packer at MyPillow forgot to put in a gift card, to let me know. Hoping I get an email asking “did you ever get those pillows I sent?”

  4. for Linda: How did you know they were from Wendy and George? Did yours have a card? Glad to have the mystery solved.

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