Conscious Aging: What Makes Family?

We all have family of blood, the family we were born into. That family is forever. My younger sister Wendy’s birthday was Feb. 19, Monday. Happy birthday Sis!

We have family of choice, the people we choose to hold closest to our hearts. That family is usually forever, but not always.

Then there is family that we marry into. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. I really lucked out. When Jerry died, his family told me that nothing had changed, that I was still family to them — even without Jerry — and that they would care about me forever. It meant the world at a very dark and terrible time.

Jerry’s brother Paul, his sister Amy, and her husband Will, are in the pic below.

Amy has never failed, in the 15 years since Jerry’s death, to call me on his birthday to tell me she loves me and is thinking about me.

Paul makes me breakfast, brews my coffee even though he doesn’t drink it himself, fixes my computer, and gives me a great big man-hug when I arrive.

I really lucked out.

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