Conference Eve: Dinner Party

I haven’t been to a full-on dinner party in years: ten around the beautifully set table, candles, fresh flowers, beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes made with butter and cream, garden peas, squash, salad with blood oranges and chopped nuts, and good wine. A fire going at the end of the large combined dining-living room. Snow pending outside. Great conversation. Ice cream and home made fudge sauce for dessert.

Paul and Jeannie’s friends Barbara and Wally hosted dinner for a group of friends who’d been at the Conference, so we had that to talk about. The two couples have been friends forever, and so we talked about long friendship too, and new friendship, and change, and getting older. The four of them are on the verge of turning 70. Paul is Jerry’s younger brother.

Seattle is a very casual city, and people eat out. At the most, we gather for wine at someone’s condo or apartment and then go out. Those of us who have downsized got rid of a lot of serving dishes and such that we would have used to entertain, and if we live in 900 square feet we likely don’t have a big table any more to host ten. I assemble food, but I don’t cook anything any more that takes time and skill and prep space, like beef bourguignon.

But a full-on dinner party is a lovely thing, and I enjoyed being included very much.


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