Cape Air to Mid-Coast Maine

The quickest way to get to mid-Coast Maine from Boston is to fly Cape Air to Owl’s Head. These are small planes, really, really small planes — 12 seats maybe? The flying is up close and personal, from the bumps in the runway as the plane taxis out to the ear popping as you ascend and descend to the fact that you are close enough to the pilot to follow the terrain you are seeing out the window on his radar screen. One hour, wheels up to wheels down.

4 thoughts on “Cape Air to Mid-Coast Maine

  1. I prefer BIG planes, although I did fly on one like that from Kansas City to Hayes, Kansas. Trip was fine, but I still prefer BIG planes 😊

  2. for Ada: I don’t fly small planes like this very often, but it is the most efficient way to get from Boston to Maine. πŸ™‚

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