Breakfast at the Hyatt

I missed posting this the other day, so here ’tis — a bit out of sequence.


I had breakfast at the Hyatt, looking out at that wonderful view of Boston, and thinking of my late husband Jerry. He grew up north of Boston, in Stoneham, so Boston was a regular destination for us even before we had the kids. Sara and Matt both went to college in Boston — Tufts. Jerry and I stayed at the Cambridge Marriott when we went to visit them, with a T stop right underneath the hotel. Jerry thought that if we weren’t out and about by 7:30am we were wasting the day. He wasn’t a coffee drinker, so the idea of savoring a last cup while contemplating the adventures to come was not on his radar screen. He wanted to be out having the adventures. We were both great walkers. Seeing the city on foot was more important than any destination where we might wind up, like the Gardner Museum or a favorite of mine, the Aquarium. We walked from one end of Boston to the other, and back again, and did it the next day too. You have a different feel for a city, when you see if from the street.

Boston was never home for me in the sense of living here, but I was at home in Boston with Jerry, and I am at home in Boston now.

Lots of good memories here. Really, really good memories.

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