Yet Another School Shooting

Conservative pundits say it’s not about guns — the crazy right wing news outlets say it’s an ISIS plot. Progressive pundits say it’s a sickness, particular to our culture, that these mass shootings occur on a regular basis. Political figures say it shouldn’t happen. Children flee in terror. Parents race frantically to the school, trying to find their loved ones. Peers say there were signs. Mental health professionals say you can’t tell ahead of time which ones will go over the edge and actually show up someplace shooting.

And it goes on.

4 thoughts on “Yet Another School Shooting

  1. for Phyllis: Yes, the “new normal”. As I write, I’m listening to a news broadcast proposing that we create gated schools like we have gated neighborhoods. Is that really where we’re going?

  2. There is a lot of stupid being said in the past 48 hrs. But of course no mention of gun safety or reasonable restrictions from our wooden-sounding consoler-in-chief. I miss Obama’s way with words in situations like this.
    Yesterday afternoon the Times re-posted Nicholas Kristof’s column after an earlier shooting, with sane and do-able solutions that don’t take everyone’s guns away. Well stated.

  3. for Phyllis: Trump doesn’t quite cut it as consoler-in-chief, mostly because he shows no capacity for empathy. The Republican intransigence on gun control is simply incomprehensible. Other countries don’t have these kinds of murderous rampages. Might we be less arrogant and assume we have something to learn from them?

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