Conscious Aging: Pro Bono Consulting

I’m giving some volunteer time to the Seattle Foundation, offering to work with early stage non-profits on leadership and organization and fund-raising. We’re in a hard environment for non-profits, as the current Republican leadership has a strong libertarian bent which eschews the notion of public goods and incentivizes personal greed. The group I’m working with now is particularly challenged, as they work with poor kids whose families are often immigrants, and may be undocumented. The crisis for Dreamers is front and center with this non-profit.

The two young men who are leading the non-profit could be doing a lot of other things, and making a lot more money. Their good hearts and willingness to give their considerable competence to kids and families who need a break moves me, and interests me. They provide a sharp contrast to the greedy and arrogant Trump offspring, who as one pundit said, would be parking cars if their father were not the pre-eminent New York grifter that he is.

What do I hope for my grandchildren? That they grow up to have good and generous hearts, like the bright young men who were on my calendar yesterday. I’m doing my bit, by introducing Archie and Else to things like Heifer Project. Matt and Amy regularly encourage them to cull their toys and prepare a box to give to kids who are in need. I hope, when they’re a little older, Archie and Else see my commitment to give time and expertise where I can, even at this late stage of my life.

We’re all on the path.

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