Conscious Aging: Cutting Back on News

Friend and regular reader Phyllis says she is cutting back on news watching; she’s simply tired of listening to pundits try to explain the significance of Trump. The significance, which doesn’t seem to change with time, is that the country has elected a vain narcissist of limited intelligence but ruthless cunning and ability to exploit weakness. Everything is transactional, for the financial enrichment and ego-stroking of him and his family. In his world there is no public good, only personal winning and losing. That’s about as deep or significant as it goes.

I agree with Phyllis. I used to be devoted to Sunday morning CNN. But I find it less interesting, as there is the same small rotating cast of characters willing to speak on behalf of Trump — KellyAnne Conway on Jake Tapper’s show — and who cares what they think anyway? I don’t.

Sara, or Sara and Ben, are my usual weekend breakfast buddies — but they were in California this weekend. On Sunday morning I chose to eat out anyway, at our favorite place, where I’m a regular and can count on conversation with the servers, in both English and Spanish. Then I went to Green Lake to get in my 10,000 steps on a gorgeous, sunny winter morning.

By far the better choice, I’d say.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Cutting Back on News

  1. I try to imagine what it would be like to have a “normal” president – one who goes about his work calmly and methodically, does not need to create dramas and distractions every day, hires competent/qualified staff who know their jobs, does not need family and staff to appease his ego, and who operates with a hopeful eye to the future. Then the media could focus on important issues and not spend their time chasing the donald down the rat hole. But I won’t give up listening to Fareed Zacharia’s opening “My Take” on Sunday mornings!

  2. for Phyllis: I looked at the new portraits of President and Mrs. Obama with a sense of longing and regret. We’ve lost so much dignity, competence, integrity, and family values.

  3. Good news to report from Florida. Margaret Good, Democratic candidate for House District 72 from Sarasota has handily won a seat vacated by a Republican in a special election. Our friends worked for her and are thrilled. Big victory though she will face re-election in November.

  4. for Joyce: That is really good news. A wave, I hope. Changing the composition of Congress is the only way we are going to get accountability for Trump and his White House cronies.

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