Writing Life: Looking for Something Upbeat and Funny

My most widely read and shared and commented upon blog posts aren’t the thoughtful political commentary, or the series on aging, or the Panama stuff or even my experience of grandparenting, to which not all readers have access because of the pics of the kids.

My most popular blog posts are those which are upbeat and funny. An example is the time a long while ago that I bought two similarly colored pairs of sneakers to alternate for my workouts, and found out mid-day — by looking down at my feet — that I’d put on one shoe of each pair and not noticed. I agree — that was pretty funny. That post drew tons of readers.

I’m having trouble coming up with funny. Maybe it’s that we’re in February, the dead of winter. February is a birthday month for my sister Wendy and my friend Louise, but it isn’t a funny month, not like October which hosts Halloween and offers things like usually sane grownups parading around CVS in a gorilla suit. February is hopeful, because the days are getting noticeably longer and we often have a few warmer-than-usual days as a harbinger of spring. February is short; we’re barely into the month and then we’re on to March. Can May be far behind? February is spring break for a lot of schools, which means that working parents have yet another challenge: occupying children home for a week. February is all of those things. But February isn’t funny.

Maybe I can do upbeat. My amaryllis is just about to pop with a triple bloom, and there are a couple of other blooms coming along in slower time. The amaryllis is a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law, Jeannie and Paul. I’m no great shakes as a gardener, but I manage to tend an amaryllis without killing the thing off. I’m actually headed to Maine next week to see Jeannie and Paul and attend the Camden Conference, so I hope the amaryllis bursts forth before then. Pics for sure.

A triple amaryllis bloom is definitely upbeat. Even if you’re not a gardener, wouldn’t you say?

6 thoughts on “Writing Life: Looking for Something Upbeat and Funny

  1. This one is starting to open, so if you have a few more days at home you should be able to see it in all its glory!

  2. You don’t think the circus going on in Washington this month is funny? Me neither, but the late-night comedians are having a ball with it.

  3. for Phyllis: What astonishes me is how Trump feeds on chaos — most of us try to lessen the chaos on our lives. Not him. He loves it.

  4. I’ve cut down on my news watching. Trump’s antics and the repeated news analysis of them makes me weary. I wish he could just SHUT.UP.

  5. for Phyllis: Me too. I used to be devoted to Sunday morning CNN shows. But Jake Tapper had KellyAnne Conway this morning. Who in the world wants to listen to her, on anything?

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