Who Watches the Super Bowl?

A lot of fans watch the Super Bowl, whether or not their team is in the game. My apartment building is having a Super Bowl party in the Club Room, open to all. I doubt I’ll go. Neither the game nor the trappings — nachos and beer — are all that enticing.

I’m not a big football fan, although it’s hard to live in Seattle and not be aware of the fortunes of the Seahawks. And my grandson Archie is a huge fan. His big Christmas present was tickets to the final Seahawks game of the season, with Mommy and Daddy. He loved the experience, even though the Seahawks were out of the running.

My #1 sport is the Tour de France, followed by women’s professional basketball. How arcane is that?

I think it has to be increasingly hard, for lovers of the game, to watch guys pound their heads on each other and on the hard ground, knowing what we now know about CTE. You might call it watching brain damage in slow motion.

That said, I have friends who love the game — Louise is one. Athletes continue to seek out pro football careers, and the sport continues to generate huge revenues.

So cheers to everyone for whom Super Bowl Sunday is a long anticipated day. Enjoy the game. I don’t really follow either team, although I gather the pundits predict that the Patriots will win. There’s nothing good on TV on Super Bowl Sunday, so I’ll probably wind up reading a book. 🙂


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