Panama 2018: Looking Back

My Google Photos technology regularly pops up with something called Remember This Day — a selection of photos from my personal archive and the date on which the photos were taken.

On February 2, 2009, I was in Panama for my first long visit after reconnecting with Minga in 2008. Friend Sally was there — she’s been with me for every visit since — and friends Linda and Sid Weinstein. My sister and brother in law Linda and Ron were there too.

Some sort of fiesta was going on, and Minga’s family found traditional pollera outfits for all of us, some made by Rufina. That’s Linda W. on the left, Sally in the middle, and me on the right, in Minga’s front yard. It’s about 90 degrees, and this starched, lacy outfit comes with a slip which I declined to put on until Minga glared at me. Hot and sweaty, I nonetheless struggled into the slip without further ado. I think we all look gorgeous. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Looking Back

  1. For J: I love this feature of Google pics, mostly because I don’t think to look back at much earlier pics. Fun when Google does it for me.

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