Writing Life: Tenth Year of Blogging

I started writing the blog in January 2009, on my trip to Panama, when a friend traveling with me said casually “you really should be writing this all down.”  Blogging has in some measure been eclipsed by tweeting and other shorter forms — none of which I do. In some ways it feels unusual both to be writing this long on a daily basis, and to be attracting new followers — many of whom, from the pics associated with their comments, seem much younger than I am.

The premise of the blog has remained the same: during our working years, interesting things and new people come to us unbidden. Once retired, we have to work harder to see the interesting things that unfold right before our eyes. If I don’t see two or three or four interesting things every day that I can write about, I feel I’m not paying attention to life.

The blogging format actually fits well with the requirement of Sister Mary Catharine O’Connor, the formidable chair of the English department at the College of St. Elizabeth while I was a student there in the mid-1960’s, that we creative writing students keep a Commonplace Book. The Commonplace Book was a print journal with empty pages that we were required to fill by writing something on a daily basis. Like Flannery O’Connor, Sister Mary Catharine believed that great writing takes a great amount of work. Raw talent varies, but even copious amounts of inborn talent requires writing, re-writing, constantly making the words flow better and convey precisely the meaning we intend.

Some of my readers buzz through everything; others come for specific pieces — I picked up a new follower the day I posted pics of raccoons quite near the shoreline at Green Lake. He’s a nature follower, and told me he’d be looking for similar posts in the future. My nature posts, I’d say, are occasional — but with this new follower, I’m more attuned to opportunities when outdoors.

I’ve continued the blog all this while because I love to write — simple as that. And I love people to read what I write, so my interaction with you as readers is a key element of my happiness as I age. Thank you — and keep reading!

8 thoughts on “Writing Life: Tenth Year of Blogging

  1. I may not comment often but your blog is the first thing I read every day. I was just talking this morning to a family member about how much I admire your belief that one should be able to find something worth noting and writing about in every day as well as your attitude towards “graceful aging”. Keep on keeping on.

  2. for Frances: You are one of my most loyal readers — I’m very grateful. Thank you for the affirmation, and for joining me every morning via the blog.

  3. Keep on blogging! We are all followers, just different levels of commenting with our time management.
    But I for one, love to keep updated and in touch with you!

  4. Blogging has kept my eyes open to interesting things, too. As they said, being a writer is like having an assignment for the rest of your life–and that assignment is to just keep being interested in life, keep observing, and keep sharing.

  5. for Mistressoftheink: Love your idea of writing as “having an assignment for the rest of your life”. I think we share a common sense of what blogging is all about. Thanks so much for your insightful comment.

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