Panama 2018: A Sibling for Joelito

Our lovely Jari, Minga’s granddaughter and the mother of 18 month old Joelito, is expecting again — a little girl. Jari’s marido is a young man who works in the computer industry, and is also the part time youth pastor of their church. They have a house in La Chorrerra, which is just on the other side of the Bridge of the Americas — about an hour in traffic from where Jari grew up in Filipio. Jari is studying at the University of Panama, although her degree program is on hold as she is mothering. I’m hoping she can return at some point.

Jari was at Minga’s house, along with her Tio Humberto, when Sara and I first returned to the village ten years ago and found Minga. Jari remembers her grandmother’s joy on that day. Jari was about 12. She has always had the most exuberant, bubbly personality. She doesn’t usually get out to the village while we are there, although her father’s family lives there. She does always make the effort to come to the airport hotel with Joelito, which I hugely appreciate and value. I’m so excited about her news! She’s a wonderful mother.

Look at the feet on that little guy. And look at the shoes on Jari — ever the fashionista. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: A Sibling for Joelito

  1. for Phyllis: Our Party Girl turns out to be a loving and fun mother — I’m happy for them too. I met her marido Joel on this last visit. He seems very nice.

  2. for J: She’s a beautiful young woman. And Little Man is a hoot. She always dresses him to the nines. Can’t wait to see what she does with a little girl.

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