The State of Politics

No, I’m not talking about the State of the Union speech. I didn’t watch it — can’t bear to hear Trump gloat and brag, and what he says means little anyway. He changes his mind based on the last person he talks with. Being able to read from a teleprompter now and again means little. A friend and I went to the movies to see Meryl Streep play Katharine Graham.

I’m talking about the state of politics, even though we’re far from the 2018 elections. CNN has an encouraging piece, with caveats that a lot can change between now and November.

I’m not in the camp of favoring impeachment for Trump, because I think Pence is dangerous in a different way and looks more normal while he goes around trying to turn the country into a white Christian theocracy. But I think a Democratic House could tie up the Trump administration in investigations that have teeth to them. That, to me, is a better scenario for a Democratic win in 2020.

David Brooks has an excellent opinion piece about where we are as a nation. The less productive, most fearful parts of the electorate chose Trump — successfully, due to the vagaries of the Electoral College system. He isn’t governing to meet their needs; he’s governing like a standard Republican plutocrat, with a lot of crazy and mean thrown in. But his supporters seem uniquely susceptible to his reality TV persona.

The productive parts of the country get that attempts to return to the 1950’s are a recipe for losing our economic vitality and thriving multicultural ambiance. Maybe, just maybe, the Mueller investigation will reveal enough sleaze to return a sense of reality to just enough voters in time for November 2018. That’s my hope.

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