Panama 2018: Bob’s Pics of Farallon

We usually make one trip to the fishing village of Farallon, right down the beach from Buenaventura, for the annual trek to Pippa’s bar. But I rarely walk around the village taking pics, at least in recent years. Bob Levy, my week one guest, did — accompanied by Gloria, who has family living there whom you see in these pictures. I think his shots are wonderful.





4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Bob’s Pics of Farallon

  1. Excellent photos by Bob. I especially like the one with the flowering bush which looks like it’s growing out of cement…….or is it hard-packed dirt?

  2. for Phyllis: I think the flowering bush is growing out of hard packed sand — looks like cement though. Occasionally this bush might be drenched in salt water as an unusually high tide comes up, which is interesting. Any idea what kind of bush could survive living in sand plus getting both rainwater and salt water to roots?

  3. It looks like a variety of hibiscus, with a full flower. But it could be something more unique to Panama, especially if it can tolerate salt-water flooding.

  4. For Phyllis: the need to be able to tolerate salt water and to grow in the sand with little attention like pruning or watering suggests to me a very hardy bush!

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