Panama 2018 Day 16: The Last Morning

Our driver was coming at 10:30am on Friday, and so after breakfast Gloria and Sally and I sat out on the patio enjoying the last bits of sun and sea and gentle breezes and curious birds and meandering iguanas.

Leaving is hard all around. Gloria’s life is more interesting, she says, when we are there. Sally and I get on a plane and go back to our busy urban lives. Gloria goes back to the village, where life is centered around family, most of whom live nearby. There are, as we all know, pros and cons. The pro is that they are each other’s safety net, in a way that might put the rest of us to shame — they have to be, because there is no other option. The con is that they are deeply enmeshed in each other’s lives — not always a good thing.

As you can see, Gloria and I are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. Sally is taking the pic, and is very much part of the amigas para siempre¬†ethos. Gloria said she hopes I make an extra trip this year, not because she wishes a health crisis on Minga, but because Gloria wants more time to nourish our friendship. I wish Rio Hato was not so far away. We’ll see.


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