Panama 2018 Day 16: At the Airport Hotel

Daira and Teri came by the airport hotel to say good-bye. Daira especially is disappointed that I am not taking their side in insisting that Minga accommodate herself to living in the city. Daira is absolutely sure that for Minga to live another 15 years, she must stay here and be cared for and watched over and remonstrated with over her eating and drinking.

In my presence, Minga is self-regulating her intake and seems to be following what the nutritionist has told her.

I tried humor, asking Daira  how successful they’ve ever been with their strong-willed mother in forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to do. The humor worked no better than reason, and I said we simply had to agree that we weren’t going to agree — not even on who has the right to make the decision of where Minga is between treatments.

As I said in a previous post, I have no idea whether Minga will be able to travel to the village after each dialysis treatment, as she wants to do. But I think she deserves a chance to try, and I’m sure she will know if she’s being overly-optimistic about her capacity to travel.

Her adult kids love her and are not ready for her to die any time soon. They all know someone who followed care instructions and lived for fifteen or more years on dialysis. They want that for Minga.

Minga wants, in between treatments, to go home. She knows what the added stress on her body might mean. She wants to go anyway.

The dilemma continues.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 16: At the Airport Hotel

  1. for Phyllis: Good eye. The infamous Riande has remodeled, but there is a brand new Crowne Plaza right across from the airport — very nice, and no more expensive than the Riande. That’s our new hotel of choice.

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