Panama 2018 Day 14: One Legged Hermaphrodite Monkey

You know I couldn’t let this go by without a blog post — the story of a one legged hermaphrodite monkey who wears diapers, is a house pet, and sleeps next to his/her owners in the bedroom.

I’ve been coming for ten years. I met Sandra, who owns a villa here, in the first year. She and her family are American expats — they’ve lived in Panama for almost 15 years. They own a home near Panama city, and a villa here at the beach, and are deeply engaged in good works through their evangelical church. They help orphans and abused children, fostering them in their home if necessary. They have two biological daughters. One is rescuing and neutering the myriad of abandoned dogs that clog Panama streets and villages — she funds the effort online. The other daughter rescues chickens that are too frail to thrive and are left to die of starvation.

Sandra’s husband goes back and forth between the U.S. and Panama in order to work. That’s often the case with expats. Sandra says they are here for the long haul — she no longer finds the U.S. an easy cultural fit. They rent one or the other of their properties through AirBnb to augment their income and to have something to do.

Just casually, she mentioned that among their myriad pets is a one legged hermaphrodite monkey — the other leg having been chewed off by one of their dogs in an aggressive moment. The monkey wears diapers and sleeps in a small bed next to theirs in the master¬† bedroom.

One travels to meet interesting people with interesting stories, and the monkey is all of that.

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