Panama 2018 Day 14: Cultural Negotiation

We’re having a bit of cultural negotiation going on in the villa, as the Hondurans have taken over Gloria’s kitchen in order to cook various Honduran specialties that they want us to try. We expected the two young men but not mama, who is clearly here to cook. Sandra, with whom I reconnected at the pool yesterday, was amused and immediately pegged the difference in cultural expectation. She said they often invite someone for dinner and six arrive.  On the one side, seven is a welcome multiple in terms of hospitality. On the other side, it may be perceived differently especially if you have something like steak planned for dinner and the meal does not so easily expand.

Gloria is coping graciously. 🙂 Those of you who know Gloria Queen of the Kitchen are free to smile and roll your eyes.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 14: Cultural Negotiation

  1. I have seen many pictures of Gloria on your blog and she looks especially beautiful in this photo. Glad she is accepting the fact that she must share her kitchen. Certainly an adjustment for her as well as you. Enjoy you last days of vacation.

  2. for Phyllis: Getting ready to return to Panama City tomorrow, and to fly home on Saturday. Much shorter time than I used to come, but feels right.

  3. for Joyce: Anyone who has been here knows that Gloria is THE Queen of the Kitchen, but she is being gracious — it’s her nature. And our Honduran guest seems to have a great need to cook for us. Way too much food, but it’s all working out.

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