Panama 2018 Day 13: Lily and Her Honduran Friends

Lily and her Honduran friends — twins, pharmacists like she is, that she met at a conference four years ago — and their mother arrived on Tuesday. They will be here with us until Friday, when we all return to Panama City together.

They quickly set to work preparing pupusas, a Honduran specialty, for our dinner.

I’m always fascinated at the crossover in cuisines. Pupusas resemble potato latkes in texture, although pupusas are made of corn flower instead of shredded potatoes.

Pupusas are topped with a tangy cabbage salad, and white cheese. Very tasty!

These young men not only cook up a storm, but they clean up as well. Their mother brought all kinds of gifts, including a hand crocheted shawl and scarf. Interesting experience — as Panama always is.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 13: Lily and Her Honduran Friends

  1. for Phyllis: The pupusas were quite good, and not too heavy. Some of the other stuff on offer is a bit over the top on carbs. We are trying to manage without giving insult.

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