Panama 2018 Day 12: Whiling Away the Day

I don’t do many vacations where I sit around and enjoy the pool and beach and read crime novels and drink chilled white wine and eat well and don’t lift a finger to do much — with Gloria here I don’t have to. But it’s fun to do nothing while I’m here, just going from the small pool behind our villa to the big hotel pool to the beach. I wind up at the end of the day utterly waterlogged and content as a clam.

Candy and Bob and Michael left early Saturday morning, and since then Sally and I have had three glorious sunny days — no rain — and we have utterly whiled away the time. Gloria’s grandkids were here but she tended them. I got in the pool with them once to pull them around the deeper water on my back, and to throw them in the air — although I had to keep my hands on them as they came down because unlike Archie and Else, Milenys and Gabrielito can’t get themselves to the surface and then to the side of the pool. Milenys and Gabrielito squealed and giggled and I enjoyed the few minutes of fun, and then I returned to my book.

Minga was in the village but stayed there on Monday, to have her day on her patio with friends and neighbors walking by. Our conversation on Sunday was pretty intense. There was some hint of a couple of her grandkids from the city coming for the day, but I demurred. I, too, have changed over the ten years. In the early years of my coming, I had kids here every day. Now, I need more peace and quiet. I’m less eager to be the pied piper.

On Tuesday Lily is coming, and with her will be friends from Honduras. She asked if she could reciprocate their hospitality to her by bringing them to the beach for a few days, and I said yes. I had the space, and I expect them to be quite independent while they are here. On Wednesday Sally and I have massages at the hotel spa. On Friday we do the despedida in the village and head into Panama City, and on Saturday we both fly home.

Sally and I both used to live in Rochester, and now we live on opposite coasts. This luxurious, obligation-free time in Panama is our “deep watering of the friendship.”

I’m sitting on the patio, looking out at this view as I write.

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