Panama 2018 Day 11: Gloria and her Grandkids

Gloria was in heaven with her two grandchildren Gabrielito and Milenys here for the day. The kids are actually closer in age than I thought: Gabrielito is not yet six, and Milenys has turned five. They have been raised more as siblings than cousins until recently, when Raoul and Milenys’ mother separated. Milenys’ mother took her to live in Penonome, the district capital, about 30 minutes away. There is another man. Milenys lost her extended family, her cousins, her grandparents, her school, her church. Raoul is trying to work things out so that he has more time with his child. Until yesterday, he’d not had much success.

But on Sunday, Milenys had Gloria, and Gabrielito, and the pool and the beach. She got to eat pizza and ice cream. She got to choose a shell to take home. We all had a wonderful day. We grownups showered her with love.

I pray for Milenys’ resilience.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 11: Gloria and her Grandkids

  1. for Phyllis: They all had a wonderful day, and I loved seeing their happiness. That comes through in the pics, as you observe.

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