Panama 2018 Day 10: Beach Day

Candy and Bob and Michael left at 7:30am with David for the trip to the airport, so Sally and I were by the pool at 8am. This resort doesn’t have an early crowd. There was a big corporate function on Friday night that lasted until about 1am — about 80 mostly young people from L’Oreal — and they were not out and about at such an early hour. How did we know what time their party ended? We knew because the event was beachside, just steps from the villa, and the salsa music kept us all awake. 🙂 The families staying at the resort started arriving poolside at about 10am.

At 8am there was only a gentle breeze, lots of early morning sun, the screeching of birds, the ebb and flow of waves lapping on the sand. In week one we did a lot of touring around. On Saturday, Sally and I — and Gloria — did nothing but swim in the pool and the ocean, read our paperback books, sip drinks, and nap. Heavenly.

Below: David, Gloria, Candy — Pam’s college friend — Sally, a Rochester friend, and Sally’s significant other Michael. Candy’s husband Bob is taking the pic.

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