Panama 2018 Day 9: Dinner at Prime 19

The nicest restaurant in the resort complex is Prime 19, out at the golf club. Since Candy and Bob and Michael are going home on Saturday, we planned to go there on Friday night. I made the reservation on Tuesday, at the front desk of the hotel. I stopped by on Friday early afternoon, to confirm the reservation and to ask that we be taken out to the golf club in one of the hotel golf carts. All good, or so I thought.

We arrived at the front desk at the time requested, got into the golf cart, and the driver headed not toward Prime 19, but back to the beach. I said “No, no … Prime 19”.

Prime 19, he told me, was closed. Now the fine restaurant was at the beach, a stone’s throw from where we started, under a new name.

I am utterly perplexed that they didn’t tell me the reservation I requested at the restaurant I requested was no longer available. Reminds me of two years ago when I made an online car reservation at Budget In Santa Clara, and when we got here, the office in Santa Clara was long closed. No one bothered to say so to the powers that be online.

Heads spinning from the change in plans, we had a drink at the bar on the beach, then went to the new restaurant. It did indeed have many of the menu items of the old place, and our server was Elvia — one of my favorites. The new place is lovely. Everything worked out fine.

But still…

Gloria isn’t really drinking that wine, in the last pic. She just wanted to look like one of the “gente fina” … the upscale people.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 9: Dinner at Prime 19

  1. for Phyllis: We did. It all worked out fine. But my head is still spinning that they didn’t tell me the place out at the golf club was closed.

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