Panama 2018 Day 9: Despedida

Culturally appropriate here when we first arrive is to make the rounds to say hello, and then to do so again when someone is leaving. It’s called despedida in Spanish.

Gloria called a taxi, and off we went. We first drove by Minga’s to see if anyone was there, and guess who surprised us? Minga herself. Instead of staying in the city after dialysis on Thursday, she came back to the village with her granddaughter Janelys and Sebastian, Janelys’ three year old. Janelys works in some sort of customer service role from home, so was able to get a hotspot at Minga’s house and work from her room. Humberto was there too, so we got to say good-bye to all three.

Minga has a new plan, which is still evolving so I won’t write much about it here. Suffice to say it differs from what all nine of her adult offspring think she should do. Suffice to say she wants to be in her home for the maximum time possible.

This was the first opportunity for her to put her new plan into place, and given that she was here, I think she pulled it off.

Strong woman.


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