Panama 2018 Day 9: Despedida #2

Our second stop was to say good-bye to Rufina, Lily’s mother. Next week Lily will be here at the villa with the friends she visited in Honduras, and Rufina is going to cook for all of us at her home. She’s a marvelous cook.

For those of you who’ve known Rufina and knew she had health problems — a TIA and some difficulty controlling blood pressure in the aftermath — she is on meds and now stable. Lily’s dad Reynaldo can no longer work due to Parkinson’s, but he appears to be doing OK as well. Young Rey is holding down the electrician biz for the family.

After ten years since my return to Panama, after an absence of more than forty, I’m deeply engaged with Minga and her family. My trips to Panama are not simply about beach and sun and wonderful food. They are to see how everyone is doing, and to be present with the unfolding of life.

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