Panama 2018 Day 8: El Valle Rain Forest

With all the rain this year, the rain forest walk in the mountain community of El Valle was really drippy and wet and rather slippery in spots, but beautiful as always. Michael had never done a zip line ride, so he signed on. We walked down to a spring fed swimming pool that serves a nearby hotel and bird watching center — no takers for the pool while we were there. There’s a good bit of schistosomiasis in fresh water in Panama, so I’d pass up the pool even on a very hot day. So, apparently, did everyone else.

Curiously enough on the path, we met a former Peace Corps volunteer — Chile 10 — and her son. The woman went in 1964, three years before me, and trained in the same Outward Bound program in Arecibo where I and my group trained. What are the odds?

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 8: El Valle Rain Forest

  1. for Phyllis: Rainy season is flu season here, and rains are hanging on. The temp was roughly 85 degrees, but to Gloria it felt cold and as if the air carried things that would make her sick. Hence the outfit. I would have died of the heat.

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