Panama 2018 Day 7: Shopping by Taxi

Well, it’s different not to have a car at my disposal where I can decide at any moment to run to the market, grab the keys, and go. But this is how the villagers shop. Using taxis is much, much cheaper than renting a car. U.S. car insurance doesn’t apply here, although if you use a high end credit card for the rental you probably have coverage. You have to insure the glass and tires separately, plus collision and personal liability in case you hit someone. Going by taxi costs, in comparison, a pittance. Gloria knows all the drivers, and has any number of options practically on speed dial.

So, as long as I don’t mind waiting 20 minutes or so for the taxi to arrive here from the village, and as long as I don’t mind the lack of seat belts or the fact that the windshield is often badly cracked, it’s all good.

The driver of this taxi showed me pics of his grandchildren. His son, their father, was murdered after an altercation in the village. Gloria piped up to say the murderer was one of her nephews, who is now in jail.

I hardly knew how to respond.

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