Panama 2018 Day 5: Why Does God Do This?

I am about the last person on the planet to have a meaningful conversation about the mind of God. But I was the person who was here.

Gloria’s months-old grandbaby, Alia, may have a serious medical problem — likely not life threatening, but serious. We’ll know more in a few days. They rushed her to the hospital today, but in the public system, you take the slot you get. There were no more slots for Monday, and so baby Alia went home unseen and untreated. They plan to try again on Tuesday.

Sobbing, Gloria asked me why God continues to test her with misfortune, when she is a good person and a woman of faith.

I simply said I thought she’d had enough suffering to last a lifetime, starting with near starvation as a child when she and her nine siblings went for days without anything at all to eat. I said I hoped God would be kind to her in this worrisome moment, and to baby Alia.

Not a really good response, but perhaps good enough.

Gabrielito. Gloria, Alia.

One thought on “Panama 2018 Day 5: Why Does God Do This?

  1. Two grandchildren with health problems – difficult for Gloria. I’d be asking questions too. But not being given care at the hospital is inexcusable!
    I hope she is OK and that things will go well. Tell Gloria she has my prayers for her granddaughter and for her too.

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