Panama 2018 Day 5: Like a Brain Virus

Tom Friedman had an opinion piece in the New York Times some while ago that said Trump is like a brain virus — he infects everything.

On Monday morning I was on the patio in the early morning reading and drinking coffee. Lolo, the groundskeeper who comes daily from the village, was working, and he and I were chatting. He said, “Your Presidente Trump does not like us.”

They were all so proud of President Obama, a person of color just like them. They know something terrible has happened, that there is a new and ugly tone emanating from the White House.

Here, a semi-literate man in a menial job in the middle of nowhere, feels Trump’s disdain. Like a brain virus, Trump infects everything.

One thought on “Panama 2018 Day 5: Like a Brain Virus

  1. I think it was Friedman but the message is the same. I try to avoid hearing or reading about his antics. I already know enough to scare the — out of me.


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