Panama 2018 Day 4: Arrival Tour de Rio Hato

By cultural norm, we go around and greet family in the village upon our arrival. We’ll retrace our steps at the end of the visit to say good-bye.

Many of you have asked if Gloria’s family and Minga’s family are related — they are not. Gloria’s mother, now deceased, was an age peer of Minga, but the families lived on opposite sides of the Pan American highway. They knew each other from church, but not as neighbors.  Gloria’s twin uncles are the same age as Minga, 76. But they are two different families.

Good news on the horizon for Harlennys. She has finished the final course for her B.A. in accounting. She has two more modest requirements, all day intensives, and she then qualifies for graduation. Congratulations Harlennys!

Darineth and Harlennys.

Sisters Mari, Rufina

Candy, Reynaldo, Bob

Gabrielito. Gloria, Alia.

Gloria’s twin uncles.

Janelys and Evelyn.

Sally, Luis, Gloria, Lynette, Gabrielito.


Gloria’s brother Saul.

Young Luis.

Mari and Candy.

Mari’s husband Luis.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day 4: Arrival Tour de Rio Hato

  1. So happy that Harlennys is finished with coursework for her degree! Now to finish up the remaining tasks, and job hunt?

  2. for Phyllis: Lily is helping in this regard. The Arrocha chain hires accountants, as do banks. I imagine Harlennys will want a job here rather than in Panama City, as she still needs help with child care for Darineth. Harlennys is still involved with Darineth’s dad, who is unchanged from the original concerns. Not a good situation.

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