Panama 2018 Day Two: Guess Who Showed Up for Breakfast

Guess who showed up for breakfast? In an extraordinary act of kindness, Minga’s second youngest son Manuel got his mother very early and brought her to the hotel at 7:30am. She had to leave by 8:30am to arrive at the hospital and get a number for her dialysis.

But we had a precious hour.

I regularly invite the city family to breakfast on Saturday morning before we head out for the village. Here we are, minus Candy and Bob who are taking the pic.

From left: Miley, Ana, Angel, Lily, Michael and Sally, Minga, Pam, Manuel, Hazel, Lelly, and Jon Paul.

Ana is Minga’s eldest daughter, and she has raised Miley since birth — Miley is actually her granddaughter. Angel is Minga’s eldest son. Lily — granddaughter. Michael and Sally, friends. Minga and Pam — sisters of the heart. Manuel is Minga’s second youngest son, Lelly is his wife, and Hazel and Jon Paul are their kids.

Bob meeting Minga. Sally and Michael in background.

Sally and Minga, old friends. Mileybus and Ana, Minga’s eldest daughter, in background.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018 Day Two: Guess Who Showed Up for Breakfast

  1. I should have said photos – plural. All three are great and capture a lot of feeling….Sally and Minga as long time friends and Bob and Minga newly meeting each other.

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