Panama 2018: Day One

We’re on East Coast time, so awakening at 6am was the equivalent of 3am Seattle time. But we’re down for breakfast at 7am, and our driver is coming at 8am. I’m writing early. More to come later this afternoon.

January is dry season, and inexplicably, the forecast is for rain in Panama City every day this week — thundershowers in fact. Hoping for better weather out at the beach. This is most unusual. We normally don’t see a drop of rain. Rain will affect our tour, but we’ll cope.

Being here without the prospect of seeing Minga until Sunday morning is hard. The daughter with whom she’s staying lives about a half hour in the other direction from the city. I tried to see if I could send a driver early tomorrow morning to bring her here to the hotel to see everyone and have a bit of breakfast, and then take her to the ambulatory dialysis center at the hospital. But the timing doesn’t work. She is insistent — rightly so — about being at the dialysis unit by 8:30am so that she can get a number that lands her in the first group of 14 to be called. With traffic, the drive from the hotel to the hospital is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Even if I got her here right at 7am, the timing is just too tight. She will go with one of her city family to Rio Hato on Saturday afternoon, and she will be very tired. Sunday morning is best.

I will enjoy today and tomorrow, and eager for Sunday to come.

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