Trump’s Meeting

The fact that Trump can work his way through a 55 minute meeting with Congressional leaders without looking and sounding like the crazy uncle in the attic is being touted by Republicans to show that he’s just fine after all, working hard, a stable genius, a man for whom chaos is a strategy and not a sign of mental illness.

Did anyone actually watch the meeting? Trump had no idea what a “clean bill” might be; he agreed with Diane Feinstein on a clean bill for DACA until Kevin McCarthy jumped in and reminded Trump he wanted a wall in exchange for DACA. “Oh, right…a clean bill on DACA with a wall”. That’s comprehensive immigration reform, not a clean bill. Trump agreed serially with each speaker, even when what they said entirely contradicted what he’d agreed to moments before. The number of times he changed course was mind-boggling.

I can’t fathom what might happen when Trump is in a meeting with foreign leaders. What must they think?

If in fact Trump is devolving, losing cognitive capability, that downward pattern will continue — regardless of Trump’s ability on occasion to play the part of someone normal.

Emphasis on “play the part”. There’s no substance to Trump, only whatever role brings him most attention at the time.

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