Panama 2018: In Flight

Sara and I went to the airport together, as she and Ben are off on their latest trip and her departure from SeaTac was close to mine. I belong to the United Club, but she belongs to a much more chi chi airport club and we started the day with a quick breakfast there.

En route, my seat mate was a very interesting young woman, about 40 I’d guess, a lawyer for an energy company who is based in Houston. She and her team had flown 12 hours to Anchorage, had all day meetings, then caught the red eye to Seattle and boarded my early morning Seattle flight to Houston. As we landed, she was on her way into the office.

You have to be young to do that. I’d be a zombie.

I met up with Candy and Bob — Candy is my College of St. Elizabeth classmate, 1967 — in the United Lounge, where I had another Billie Jean King fan ask if I might be the famous tennis star and if I would give him an autograph. Honestly, it’s hard to let these people down. This is my fourth time being mistaken for the tennis icon, all in the United Club in Houston. I’m not sure the guy believed me that I am not, in fact, Billie Jean.

We had about an hour delay due to bad weather in Houston, but got airborne and into Panama City — smooth arrival. Sally and her significant other Michael met us, along with Lily, and I am now writing from the hotel.

Tomorrow: tour de Panama, and festive dinner at Casa de Mariscos.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018: In Flight

  1. People who mistake you for Billy Jean have every right to do so 🙂 I’ve just googled to see who Billy Jean was and I couldn’t believe my eyes. You are like twins. 🙂

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