Trump’s Actual Wall

I thought this article and what it says about where we are as a country was immeasurably sad, although it fits my experience.


We are a deeply divided nation, and we no longer even attribute good intentions to those who don’t agree with us. We don’t simply disagree — we think the other side is totally wrong, their beliefs without merit, and we want to utterly crush their right to any part of the American dream — or force them out of the country altogether. Trump is the outcome of that partisan division, and has certainly made it worse during his year in the Oval Office.

I absolutely acknowledge being affected by the hyper-partisanship, as you can see in my blog posts. I don’t want Trump to be successful. I want him goaded until he has a public meltdown too visible to deny.

I can’t imagine forging a common bond of citizenship with the white supremacists who marched with tikki torches in Charlottesville, or with supporters of Roy Moore. I can’t imagine standing with Nikki Haley as she seeks an end to U.S. funding for the relief agency that provides schooling for Palestinian children in refugee camps. I’ll not be cheering if our Salvadoran server at a favorite breakfast eatery is forced to return to her home country. All of it is abhorrent to me.

I know that democracy without a center, without the ability to compromise, can’t survive. That leaves me in a hard place, but falls short of giving me the motivation to reach out my hand or extend a listening ear.

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