Panama 2018: Ready to Go

Panama 2018 begins on Thursday, when I leave Seattle on an early morning flight, meet up with friends Bob and Candy in Houston, and we three fly on to Panama City. Friends Sally and Michael will already be there. Lily is staying overnight with us at the airport hotel, and on Friday all of us will do a Tour de Panama City complete with a festive dinner at Casa de Mariscos. On Saturday, I’m  hosting breakfast for the Panama City branch of Minga’s family, and mid-morning we head out to the beach and my rented villa.

Minga has dialysis on Saturday, and hopefully she will be brought to Rio Hato that evening. We’ll see her on Sunday and Monday, before she has to go back to the city for her next dialysis.

I’ll be blogging the whole time, although with limited pictures simply because the internet is very slow. It takes forever to upload a single photo. I will post photos, probably one per post, and save the rest until I’m back home.

I’ll try as best I can to give you a sense of the experience as it’s unfolding. Please let me know if you have any questions as we go along — happy to respond.

6 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Ready to Go

  1. for Phyllis and Katie: Just arrived. Lily met us at airport. Will convey your regards as I see people — tour of Panama tomorrow.

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