Trump Talking to Mueller

Trump’s lawyers are apparently opening discussions with Robert Mueller’s team about the circumstances under which Trump might be interviewed. The lawyers hope to avoid a real time conversation, looking instead for Trump to be allowed to answer written questions, or even better, simply offer a deposition asserting his innocence of any wrongdoing.

If I were Trump’s legal team, I’d want to avoid his talking live at all costs. One reason is that Trump lies compulsively, even about things that are easy to verify — like the size of his Manhattan penthouse, or the number of floors in his condo building. Either he’s lied for so long he no longer knows he’s doing it, or he knows but can’t stop himself. In either case, there’s great danger for Trump if he lies to Mueller.

Beyond that, I believe that there’s a concerted effort going on around Trump — both among his handlers in the White House and in Congress — to conceal how limited he is cognitively. His short attention span, his flagging energy levels, his “word salad” incoherent responses, might well be on full view during a lengthy legal interview.  Mueller has no reason to put that in a better light than is actually the case.

I fervently hope Trump is forced to sit down with Mueller, and let the truth roll on from there.

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