More on Oprah 2020

I wasn’t the only one who thought Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes sounded like a stump speech. 🙂

Being very big on the idea of continuing to needle Trump until he has a public meltdown that even his enablers in Congress and in the White House can’t explain away, I think Oprah’s supporters should not only tout her candidacy. I think they should also add that if elected and if Democrats take back the Senate, Oprah will nominate Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

To be on the Supreme Court you actually have to be smart, not just tweet about your stable  genius. You have to read. You have to contend with big words and complex thoughts. All of that, as we know, is completely beyond Trump. But it’s right in Barack Obama’s wheelhouse.

I think the very thought of Barack Obama on the Supreme Court would drive Trump insane. For that reason, I think we should ABSOLUTELY go there.

4 thoughts on “More on Oprah 2020

  1. I, too, was hopeful as I heard Oprah’s speech. I love your idea: Obama for
    Supreme Court. I am dismayed, however, with the response of Tennessee and
    Alabama to Trumps visit last night. It is clear that some people just blindly follow his “fake” promises.

  2. for PolitiGal: Welcome! Glad to have you as a reader, and thanks for commenting. When I get most discouraged about Trump’s cruelty, it helps to think of something that would drive him up the wall.

  3. for Katie: To put Trump’s support in context, about 34% of Americans continued to support Richard Nixon throughout the impeachment hearings, and for much the same reason voters support Trump: white nationalism for many, white supremacy for some. I used to think black writers like Ta Nehesi Coates were exaggerating the amount of racism in our culture, but I don’t think that any more.

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