Oprah on the Golden Globes

If we have really entered the world of the TV presidency, take another look at Oprah. Her speech at the Golden Globes was mesmerizing. She really is a successful empire builder and CEO, not one who made her money by stiffing vendors, clients, bondholders, and funders. Oprah is eloquent. She is charismatic. She would, I believe, decimate Trump one on one — not by stooping to his level, but by vividly showing how stuck in the gutter he is.

I’m not advocating a TV presidency. I happen to believe in statecraft, in public service, in diplomacy, in governance as the way we figure out who gets what resources in our diverse and polarized society. I think governance takes a long time to master. But the America I thought I knew would not have elected Trump, would not be supporting him now, and may no longer value governance as a profession. If that’s true, let’s elect a real player.

Oprah’s Golden Globes speech, in which she accepted the 2018 Cecil B. DeMille Award, sounded pretty close to a stump speech to me.

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