Fire and Fury, Continued

Sunday morning CNN, of which I’m a big fan, was full of debate about Trump’s mental state, his fitness to occupy the Oval Office, the culpability of Republicans and Fox news in the rolling disaster — all of that instead of focusing on the tax cuts, the soaring stock market, the trashing of environmental and financial regulations, and whatever else the Republican right thinks is their recored of accomplishment.

The question of Trump’s fitness for office has been there in a serious way at least since the Access Hollywood tape, and has only grown. The Wolff book broadly confirms our concern, as does Trump himself. Anyone who goes full Fredo Corleone, as David Frum wrote in the Atlantic, and feels compelled to tweet about how, like, really smart he is, confirms being a nut case.

The problem is we knew all of this before the election, know it now, and Trump apparently retains enough political support to thrust himself forward anyway. He clearly won the shoot out with Bannon, at least in the short term, as Bannon is now apologizing and backpedaling. In the longer term, I’m not so sure as the material is out there and large numbers of people, including foreign leaders, are reading the book. Publisher Henry Holt is rushing to print more copies; apparently there’s a two to four week delay at Amazon to get a hard cover copy.

I may read it, or may content myself with the more salacious parts that are already widely excerpted online. My tolerance for reading about Trump and his sycophants isn’t that great. I’m all for the book continuing to dominate the political conversation, and glad that Trump is fanning the flames by continuing to be nasty and defensive about it. I’m hoping all of this pressure gets under his skin enough so that he really goes around the bend, in a way that even sycophant Republicans can’t deny.

How about you? Have you ordered the book, or do you plan to?

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